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‘Revealing the Love of God’

Food Bank at Holy Trinity Church


A new Food Bank has started in Holy Trinity Church, Sheerness replacing the now closed Food Bank that had been set - up at the Salvation Army chapel in Sheerness High Street.


" All we have is five potato chips and two small fish fingers."

"He gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people. They all ate to their heart's content."     A paraphrase of Luke 9 & Mark 8




Food bank is ONLY open Wednesday afternoons  2pm to 3: 45 pm.
















Statistical Data For Remainder of 2017

Month Number of Attendees/Recipients Number of Meal-Days Issued per Month
Pre October 2017 (i.e. during September) 15 146
October 2017 38 296
November 2017 43 421
December 2017    
Total for this part-year    


New Sheppey Foodbank

New Sheppey Foodbank 1 Refurbishment of storage cupboard
New Sheppey Foodbank 2 Restocking of shelves after a busy October
New Sheppey Foodbank 3 A parable window
New Sheppey Foodbank 4 Harvest Gifts placed on shelves - Sept 2017
New Sheppey Foodbank 5 Food Bank in process of receiving Harvest Gifts