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Holy Trinity Sheerness

Holy Trinity w St Paul (Sheerness)

The Broadway



ME12 1AF


General Events at Sheerness

Sunday Morning services at 9:30 am.


Tuesday Morning services at 10:00 am Holy Communion.


Wednesday Afternoons, Coffee and Biscuits in Church from 2 - 4pm.


See Newsheet link on Homepage for details of services and event occurring at the church during the week.


Also the Newssheet has details what is happening at the other churches within the parish

Holy Trinity was one of twenty churches built in the ten year period from 1832 to 1841. It was dedicated by the then Archbishop of Canterbury on the 30th August 1836.

In the early 1960s the old St Paul’s Church in Blue Town was demolished and the congregation, after a brief spell at the Dockyard Church, and then a hall type church in St George’s Avenue, merged with Holy Trinity, and since then we have been known as Holy Trinity with St Paul, Sheerness.

The panelling on either side of the door at the west end of the church and the altar were once part of the Royal Dockyard Church in Sheerness. Attached to the church is the church hall, which was recently refurbished and is used by the uniformed organisations for their weekly meetings and by many other organisations for fund raising events.

Views of Holy Trinity Church and Sheerness