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Minster Marvellous Morning

Marvellous Mornings at the Abbey – we are just working on 16th June, (10am – 1pm)

when we will have Simon Pratt Archaeologist on site:-

very exciting plans to geo-phys the glebe – see what is beneath the surface…

tell everyone to come and see..

33 years ago: Sheppey Archaeological Society began cutting small trenches in local gardens and finding early ditches and other features from the royal Saxon and medieval nunneries.

30 years ago: archaeological excavations for the Church Hall ended, having investigated a prehistoric round-house, Roman features, many early graves, and the Saxon and medieval cloisters.

25 years ago: small-scale trenching in the North Lawn exposed more traces of early buildings but couldn’t identify their age or purpose (cells, dormitory, brewhouse, kitchens, workshops etc).

19 years ago: excavators discovered, in a neighbouring garden, a hut burnt down roughly around the time (or times) that Vikings would have ransacked the convent (AD 835-855).

11 years ago: next to Queens Avenue, archaeologists identified what may have been huts for the early nuns’ serfs, and a much larger building, perhaps for threshing cereals from their farms.

16 June 2018: what?