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Useful Information -- Bible Study in a Teepee! // Sheerness Secondary Modern School/

Bible Study in a tepee!


Sue Rush has set up a small bible study group in the garden of Sheerness Vicarage at 241 High Street. Latest course now completed. Stand by and review page for information on any new course to be set up. 


The study group meets in new tepee that has been set up in garden of the vicarage by Jeanette .  The group meets in the fresh air but protected from any rain – well almost apart from the odd drips!


The tepee provides an ideal atmospheric study centre to focus on bible study.


(See photo on Holy Trinity page of this Web site. The tepee is bigger than you think!)

A church becomes a pin hole camera in the summer

Videos of a 4 minute video showing meter display

Still image for this video
Video of a defective meter with NO gas flowing through.