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‘Revealing the Love of God’


Note that all Christenings (baptisms) are suspended in the parish due to the COVID 19/Coronavirus pandemic.  They will remain so until further notice.


West Sheppey Christening (Baptism) Policy



May God, who has received you by baptism into his Church, pour upon you the riches of his grace,
that within the company of Christ's pilgrim people
you may daily be renewed by his anointing Spirit,
and come to the inheritance of the saints in glory


Christening is something Jesus told his church to do.  It brings the Christened person into the family of the church — a new belonging. It brings with it phenomenal promises by God himself, who gives new life to the Christened believer.  Therefore it is very important, and needs to be thought about carefully.


In our parishes we welcome all who seek Christening for their child, and we ask just two things:

  • That the family begin to attend the church in which the Christening is to be held (so they can meet the people who will be welcoming their child and helping them to get to know Jesus)


  • That the parents attend a four-week evening class (which explains the whole thing, and the promises that they will make to God in front of the whole church on behalf of their child)


Please note that Christenings happen during the main church service. Because we are delighted to welcome so many Christenings, unfortunately, it can be up to a six month wait for your service. However that does give time for you to really get to know the people and church!


The Christening classes are held  about three times a year (dependent on numbers). 


You will need to ask people to be godparents.  For a boy, two male and one female are the recommended minimum, and for a girl, two female and one male.  They must have been Christened/baptised themselves and should have also been confirmed.  More information on this is available at


If you want your child Christened, please contact us on 01795 871500, and we'll let you know when our next course is starting


NB Christening and Baptism are the same thing.