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The Vine

The Vine draws on Jesus Christ as the Vine while we are the branches. Our role is to reach into others lives and The Vine is a first step at the parish reaching out into the lives of those who may find attending church difficult for many reasons. We meet for approximately 4 weeks before taking a break for 4 weeks. Each week will follow the current theme, but people are able to attend one or all weeks as each individual meeting is in effect a ‘stand-alone’ study.

 The group use a variety of methods to understand Scripture and biblical themes and meet at "The Bosun's" tea rooms in Queenborough at 7pm on Monday evenings.

Everyone is welcome to attend and we hope at some point you may find a topic we are covering that interests you.

For details of sessions contact Rev Paul or Karen Kite on 01795 669862 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jesus is The Vine - We are the branches
Jesus is The Vine

The Vine Upcoming Dates

There are no up-coming events