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Holy Trinity Queenborough

Holy Trinity Queenborough

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Coming Up in Queenborough this month


Our Doors are open daily to all who wish to enter


Sunday Services in church 11am 


Saturday 4th June / Sunday 5th June 10am - 4pm - Flower Festival - "The Queen's Platinum Jubilee"


Thursday 9th June 7.30pm - Confirmation Service with Bishop Rose


Sunday 26th June 3pm - 5.30pm - Charity Afternoon Tea + Bake Off competition followed at 6pm by service of Hope and Remembrance.






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Dates for the Diary


Chill out with Coffee, Chat and Companionship

10am - 12noon in the church

Sat 14th May,   Sat 9th July,   Sat 10th Sept,    Sat 8th Oct,       Sat 12th Nov


Tea & Toast afternoons

Starting Wednesday 1st June in the church - every 1st Wednesday of the month. 1pm - 3pm


Churchyard Tidy Days

Sat 9th July,  Sat 8th October

10am - 12noon in conjunction with coffee mornings


Flower Festival - The Queens Platinum Jubilee

Sat 4th June 10am - 4pm,  Sun 5th June 10am - 4pm


Confirmation Service with Bishop Rose

Thursday 9th June - 7.30pm


Macmillan Tea & Bake Off Competition followed by Service of Hope and Remembrance

Sunday 26th June - 3pm - 5.30pm Service -6pm in church


Blessing of the Waters

Crundall's Wharf - 2pm


Christmas Tree Festival

Sat 3rd Dec 10am - 4pm,  Sun 4th Dec 10am - 4pm





















Our Church


Built around 1367 the church is unusual in that we know not only when work commenced on the building but also who undertook the work and how much it cost. The church has a tower of 6 bells and the view from the tower is greatly admired. The painted ceiling is believed to be painted by a Dutchman circa 1698 portraying the firmament of the sky but it  was unfortunately damaged by a serious fire in the 1930’s. The church is visited by many tourists who sail to the town and every effort is made to keep the church open all year during daylight hours for visitors who wish to enjoy the peace, serenity and beauty of our historic treasures. The church boasts a wealth of history in that Hogarth spent part of a riotous journey in Queenborough and Lord Nelson took Holy Communion in the church whilst staying in the town. Today this church is not only home for the Christian family but a focus for notable occasions in the lives of the community. The church holds regular Sunday morning services and a number of annual events such as The Blessing Of the Waters Service at the waters edge on Crundall's Wharf in the town which is attended by local fishermen, sailors, the lifeboat and Pilot boats. An annual Flower Festival in July and regular monthly Chill and Chat coffee mornings in the church. Queenborough owns its own church hall which is situated behind the church in North Road opposite the Vicarage. It is fully equipped, is used for church functions and is also hired out.

Holy Trinity Queenborough needs your help. We have a small, faithful, hardworking congregation trying to preserve the heritage and spirituality of the local parish church for the use of the whole community whenever they may need it.


We have managed to raise money to repair our church building in recent years, work was needed on the tower, the roof and inner masonry. We are now in dire need of rebuilding the vestry building attached to the rear of the church. The vestry is in a desperate state of repair with the flooring unsafe in places and the whole outer shell well past it's sell by date. We would like to demolish and rebuild this annex to the church and add the much needed facilities of a kitchenette area and a toilet enabling more people to visit and use the services we offer. We are currently seeking the permissions we require to do this and applying for grants to help us


 But You can help us too by supporting our fundraising events or if you shop online by donating through Every time you shop, you'll raise a donation for us and it won't cost you a penny extra.

Go to and follow the simple steps to sign up. When you shop online, visit easyfundraising first, click through to the retailer and shop as normal. Everything costs exactly the same but with every purchase you make you'll raise a donation from the retailer to our church.


Please contact the churchwardens if you can help us in any other way to preserve this beautiful historic church and make it more accessible for present day use not just for us now but for the future generations to come.

Holy Trinity Queenborough are pleased to announce that we have recently been successful in obtaining a grant to improve facilities at our church hall. The Queenborough Fisheries Trust have kindly awarded us a grant of £4800 in order for us to improve the outside grounds at the back of the church hall. This will offer great opportunities for the groups that use the hall. At present the grounds are unsafe for children due to bumps and great indents in the ground, also they are open to the public causing safety and security concerns. By leveling the ground and fencing off from the public footpath through the graveyard the Brownies, Rainbows and holiday club who make use of the hall will be able to offer outdoor activities to their members and the church will be able to hold summer events outside once more for the whole community. We therefore offer sincere Thanks to the Trustees of The Queenborough Fisheries Trust for their much needed and appreciated support, fencing to take place mid November.

Fencing due to start work in November 2018

Queenborough Fisheries Trust sponsor new fencing


Exciting Lottery Update

In September 2016 we were awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund of £15,900. This money was the first stage in a bid to carry out essential repairs to the church, it was awarded to us to carry out all the development work that was needed before actual physical work could be carried out on the building. At the end of August 2017 the completion report was sent to the Heritage Lottery Fund and by the end of September we had completed the application forms for stage two  which would hopefully provide us with the money to actually carry out the repairs.


 Although there was little to be seen by the community as evidence we would like everyone to know that behind the scenes the money was well spent on a vast amount of paperwork, plans and reports alongside faculty permission which needed to be in place before the work could be started. We had archaeological investigations, a bat survey, reports on workmanship and materials, a management and maintenance plan, an access audit and works specification. All of these were available to the public at our open day in November. 


 The news that we had been successful in our second round application was announced at the special service attended by the Bishop of Dover. Held on Sunday 6th May 2018 as Queenborough celebrated the anniversary of Edward 111 awarding the royal Charter to the town the church was also celebrating the  past 650 years of the church built by Edward 111 and its much brighter looking future. The repair work began at once engulfing the tower and roofs in scaffolding and repairing not only the hidden structure of the building but the internal masonry which is more obvious to the public eye. The work continued throughout the summer and was completed at the end of October. The church remained open during the works. 


None of this work would have been possible without the exceptional help given to us by our architect John Bailey and his team from Thomas Ford & Partners guiding us through each step and the volunteers from the church helping out where ever they can. To them all we are truly grateful and pray for such wonderful continuing support in the future as we continue with our vision of rebuilding the vestry with new facilities to work alongside and enhance the heritage of the church.

And So the Work can Begin, Scaffolding up & Graves protected, Happy People

Protecting the organ but business as usual

Drainage work starts out the back

Front path Before, during and after work

Inside Plasterwork, Before, during and after

The end is in sight

It Is Finished !

Additional Award from Friends of Kent Churches


Alongside the award from the Heritage Lottery fund we have also been granted an award from The Friends Of Kent Churches of £2,255 towards the repair work, which will also cover essential drainage issues alongside the structural repairs. To all the trustees of the charities we would like to say a huge Thank you for having faith in us to spend the awards wisely in conserving the church building for future generations to enjoy both its heritage and its beautiful spiritual atmosphere.

Award from the Queenborough Society

Each year the Queenborough society presents the Abbott's cup and certificates to individuals, clubs, committees, businesses or groups who in the Societies opinion deserves recognition for their contribution to the town. This year they awarded the Abbott's cup to Queenborough Church Administrator, Mary Shoebridge for her tireless efforts in obtaining grants and overseeing the smooth running and repairs to the church enabling  Conservation and Environmental and Social Improvement in Queenborough. Although the majority of members of the Queenborough Society are residents of the town they are not actual members of the  worshiping congregation. This makes the award especially important to Mary and the church as it emphasizes just how important the church is to the people of Queenborough past, present and will be in the future.

We are an animal friendly church

Our Next Project

Our Next Project


After our recent successful lottery bid and the completion of the repairs and conservation of the main church building our church moves forward and continues to expand our vision for the future. Due to an unexpected legacy donation for which we are extremely grateful we are able to fund the first phase of rebuilding our vestry. This involves developing the plans and obtaining the various permissions we need in order to proceed with the actual construction. Only when we have these permissions in place can we apply for more grants to cover the costs of the rebuild of which we have a shortfall of approx £120,000. The  new vestry has been a vision for Queenborough for well over 30 years. Our original estimate based on plans 12 years ago was for £180,000 now being in the position of having £132,000 in our designated fund costs have risen and we are looking at an estimate of £250,000. It was agreed to go ahead with phase one as without the permissions we are not eligible to apply for many grants and without them and all the support we have had and hope to continue to receive our visions and hopes for our growing church community will remain unfulfilled. If anyone would like to help through donations or fundraising ideas please contact the church wardens through our parsh office.  

The Wanderer returns - Past Priest Robin Murch just can't stay away. Left over 20 years ago but back in July 2019

Gilbert & Sullivan Marathon, sponsored by Medichem Ltd and The Sheppey Singers

Flower Festival 2021 - Lockdown Memories

Heritage Lottery Fund Day - November 3rd 2018

Christmas Tree festival 2021

Holy Trinity Queenborough








June 2015

Swale Council


Guide Book + Literature Stand

September 2016

Heritage Lottery


Church Repairs -Development

October 2016

Queenborough Town Council


Church Hall

July 2017

Friends of Kent Churches


Church Repairs

December 2017

Queenborough Town Council

Money from Lights Parade

Vestry Fund

January 2018

Susan Stock Ltd

New Curtains

Church Hall

February 2018

Rushenden Club


Vestry Fund

March 2018

Heritage Lottery


Church Repairs

March 2018

Queenborough Fisheries Trust


Fencing + Grounds – Church hall

December 2018

Queenborough Club


Vestry Fund

December 2018

Queenborough Town Council


 Church Hall

December 2018

Richard Darby Swale Borough Council


Electronic Card Reader

May 2019

Sheppey Singers


Vestry – G & S Marathon

May 2019

MediChem Manufacturing Ltd


Vestry – G & S Marathon

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