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‘Revealing the Love of God’


It's a time when Christians remember Jesus' wandering in the desert...and the temptations visited upon him by the devil. For most it's considered a time when we 'give up' something...but perhaps rather than giving something up we could try doing something new...something that brings us a Spiritual, Mental and Physical renewal and lifts us from darkness into light.

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday...when Christians remember the Last Supper, but also mark themselves with the sign of the cross...a symbol of his own death...but also a symbol of renewed life and hope in Christ.

This year we'd like to run a group based on #LiveLent...a tale of God's Story and Our Story. We'd like to invite people to join us on Monday's at 1:30pm, starting on Monday 22nd February 2021, in Holy Trinity Queenborough where we can socially distance. If you'd like to join us then please send a message to Island Ministries to let us know. If numbers exceed capacity then we'll set up additional groups.