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Prayer Ministry

We believe that the only name in heaven and earth for healing and wholeness is Jesus Christ. We aim to provide a safe place where people can experience the healing love of Christ through our prayer ministry in Jesus’ name with a focus on bringing Christ’s healing love to those in need.

We have a team who are happy to pray for you, whatever the circumstances, and in strict confidence.

You may even want to say a prayer yourself, in which case why not try the following one:

I place my family in your hands,
I trust them to your safe keeping.
Protect them, guard them, watch over them.
Bless them, God, and care for all their needs.

And our prayer for you today,
May the Lord give you success,
And may he give your children, family and friends success.
May you and they be blessed by the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.

(Psalm 115:14-15)

Prayer Ministry