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Search for a new Priest in Charge

Following the departure of the Rev'd Tim Hall, the parish has been in a period of interregnum.  We thank Tim and his family for all the good work they did while they were walking with us.  We are about to advertise for the position of Priest in Charge of the parish, and we are excited to discover whom God might have chosen to walk the next steps on the journey with us.  There's a lot to do!


Our new Incumbent

will be audacious; excited by the continuing changes and challenges of our ministry here on the Island.


  • S/he will be an effective preacher and a teacher. 
  • S/he will be comfortable in both traditional and contemporary styles of worship, valuing liturgy while remaining open to God’s Spirit.
  • S/he will have a pastoral predisposition, while valuing and promoting the ministry of those who have other gifts and characteristics
  • S/he will be intentional in promoting discipleship in everyone and everything we do as church
  • S/he will have the skills and experience to grow lay ministry and develop the work of our current ALM’s.  S/he will be able to support the work of the mission of the laity, enabling and encouraging participation from all three churches to reach out to all communities in the West of the Island.
  • S/he will help us to touch the lives and imaginations of more young people by involvement in local schools (particularly the church school): telling the story(ies) of God to fund their thinking and their dreams.
  • S/he will have an interest and suitable experience in building projects and will realise the opportunities for mission in these projects.
  • It is important that s/he has a sense of humour, is organised and experienced in using digital communication technology.



Some Statistics


The population of the parish is 34,149 in an area of 20.2 square miles.


In overall deprivation, it ranks 752 out of 12,443. This means that the parish is among the 6% most deprived parishes in the country, and among the two or three most deprived parishes in the diocese.


The 2015 Index of Multiple Deprivation has Sheerness rated the parish as a whole as 31.7, in the 10% most deprived.  Queenborough and Rushenden are in the ‘most deprived’ category yet areas of Minster and Halfway are in the ‘less deprived than average’ category.

It has a child poverty rating of 32%


17% are in receipt of an out-of-work benefit (top 10% of the country).


Life expectancy is 76 for men and 81 for women: slightly lower than the diocesan average.


34% of pupils leave school with no qualifications


Lone parenthood, at 32%, is lower than average


Ethnic diversity is low, at 6%.


% Christian


% Buddhist


% Hindu


% Jewish


% Muslim


% Sikh


% Other religion


% No religion


% Religion not stated



The above taken from 2011 census.  Note the large proportion who still count themselves ‘Christian’, even though ‘no  religion’ was a category they could have chosen.  However, it is down from 76% in the 2001 census, and is now closer to the Canterbury Diocese average


The rise of the ‘no religion’ category shows that it is now the largest rival claim to Christianity in people’s religious adherence.  The 30.8% of people who have no religious adherence strongly outweighs the numbers that are active in their Christian faith (as indicated by church attendance).